Tutkijakollegium 2018 henkilökuvat-49

I am a Finnish legal scholar and philosopher. I completed my PhD in 2017 at the Law Faculty of the University of Cambridge. My doctoral dissertation was entitled A Theory of Legal Personality; it was awarded the Yorke Prize and the Salje Medal. I am currently Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

I am interested in the Hohfeldian analysis, rights, social ontology, philosophy of language, and animal law.

I’ve published in English, Finnish and Swedish. I also read German, French and Russian, and you can email me on academic matters using these languages (though I might reply to you in English).

I am Vice President of both the Finnish Legal Philosophy Society (Finnish IVR) and Finnish Animal Rights Lawyers. Until recently, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Journal of Animal Law.

Apart from my academic occupations, I sing (as a member of Lain Huuto and as a student at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music); enjoy the Third Golden Age of Television; and play computer games (mostly grand strategies and RPGs).