A textbook (in Finnish) on legal methodology, together with Pauli Rautiainen, Tapio Määttä, Niko Soininen and Aura Kostiainen.

Festschrift for Matthew Kramer.

Working papers on animal rights, rights theory and legal positivism.

Themes: social ontology and its applications in legal contexts; animal law and animal law theory.



A Theory of Legal Personhood, Oxford University Press, 2019 (link).

Review: Modern Law Review (by Amin Ebrahimi Afrouzi)

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ARTICLES and book chapters

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In Finnish and Swedish

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Oxford University Press (book proposal), Springer (book manuscript), Journal of Business Ethics, Philosophical Quarterly, Oikeus, Ratio Juris, Revus, AI & Society.


Co-convener, “(Legal) Animal Rights” special workshop, IVR World Conference, July 2019.

Co-convener, Workshop in Honour of Matthew Kramer, July 2019.

Co-convener, Legal Philosophy Spring Seminar, May 2019.

Co-convener, Finnish-Swedish Doctoral Conference on Legal Reasoning, December 2018.

Co-convener, “Oikeudet filosofiassa ja oikeustieteessä” workshop, December 2017.

Main convener of Cambridge Doctoral Workshop in Legal Theory, June 2015.

Co-organizer of talk series “Talking Animals, Law and Philosophy” at Cambridge Law Faculty, 2015–2016.


Editor-in-Chief, Global Journal of Animal Law, 2016–2018.

Member of the working group of “The Trial”, a play assessing the legal status of animals, 2014.


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