A Theory of Legal Personhood

Oxford University Press (Oxford Legal Philosophy series) 2019

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Articulates an overall theory of legal personhood, seeking to explain virtually all of the multifarious issues surrounding this topic.


[O]ffers a workable and unifying account of legal personhood that tracks contemporary advancements in analytical jurisprudence whilst masterfully incorporating a long‐neglected subject into that broad tradition. […]
The broad scope of the topics, the timelessness of the issues, and the rigor with which Kurki tackles them all make this book no less than an instant classic.

Amin Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Modern Law Review

Edited volumes

Without Trimmings:
The Legal, Moral and Political Philosophy of Matthew Kramer

Mark McBride & Visa AJ Kurki (eds.).
Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2021.

Legal Personhood: Animals, Artificial Intelligence and the Unborn

Visa Kurki & Tomasz Pietrzykowski (eds.).
Springer 2017.

Animal Law and Animal Rights

Mauro Zamboni & Visa Kurki (eds.), Scandinavian Institute for Law / Jure, 2021

Mitä oikeudet ovat? Filosofian ja oikeustieteen näkökulmia 
[What Are Rights? Perspectives from Philosophy and Law]

Maija Aalto-Heinilä & Visa Kurki (eds.).
Gaudeamus / Helsinki University Press 2019.

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